The 10 Best Ways to Encourage Your Coworkers

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Tired of negativity? Use these easy tips to improve your work environment At work, we can become so focused on our responsibilities that we sweep …

Tired of negativity? Use these easy tips to improve your work environment

At work, we can become so focused on our responsibilities that we sweep others’ needs aside. One negative interaction with a boss or difficult co-worker can drive us deeper into our self-focused worlds, making us feel justified in disregarding others. However, it’s in these times that we should emphasize the need to encourage those we work with. Take a few minutes to review the tips below to find out how you can be a better co-worker.


  1. Be positive. Though this can be difficult, it’s essential that you don’t reflect the negativity of others. Remain calm, kind, and open to helping your coworkers, and they will naturally reciprocate the same energy.


  1. Make time for others. When you feel overwhelmed by your own work, it’s easy to dismiss the needs presented to you. Challenge yourself to have a conversation with a few of your co-workers each morning. Even a simple, “How are you?” before starting your work can set positive standards for the rest of the day, allowing other workers to feel connected and cared for.


  1. Acknowledge others’ hard work. This could be as simple as thanking someone for presenting a new idea. When people feel their work is valued and appreciated, they will be encouraged to continue working just as hard and will be more motivated in what they do. This creates a more productive and accepting environment for everyone.


  1. Be open to having fun. Nothing creates better friendships than laughter. Even if it’s something as simple as cracking a joke or taking a 5-minute break to tell a fun story, encouraging those around you to have fun at work will form stronger relationships, creating a more positive environment, and improving employee cooperation.


  1. Ask for feedback. When you accept feedback, this opens the door for co-workers to tell you what they feel needs to change. Ask for feedback not only on yourself, but on projects, policies, meetings, and any other aspects of work life that you may be able to control. When you show others your open-mindedness, they will feel comfortable to be honest and open-minded as well.


  1. Fix issues as soon as they arise. This goes together with the last point. Don’t just ask for feedback and then move on; when an issue is brought to your attention, show the individual that you understand by validating their concern and promptly taking action.


  1. Don’t complain! Gossiping about people, projects, or work issues will only decrease trust and increase pressure between co-workers. Gossiping is spreading negativity; the exact opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish! If you hear others gossiping in the workplace, try to change their perspective by saying something positive about the person or issue they are complaining about. This will discourage them from continuing to speak in this way!


  1. Be on time. This doesn’t just mean arriving at work on time. It’s also possible to be late with responses to messages and concerns. Dedicate some time each day to answering emails and texts, as well as considering how to deal with any recent concerns that may have been brought to your attention. This sends the message to your co-workers that they are important, and that they matter to you.


  1. Being clear and honest will increase your reliability. It’s important that you’re straightforward about any issues that you or the company may be having. Keeping everyone in the loop is essential to enable you and your co-workers to help each other out and work as efficiently as possible.


  1. Be a part of every solution. When someone is struggling, don’t just give a quick word of advice and then move on. If there’s something you can do to help resolve their issue, do it. Being a part of the solution will increase trust, reliability, and the overall sense of teamwork by showing others that they do not need to fix everything on their own.

By following these tips, you will encourage those you work with to increase productivity, collaborate better, and will improve everyone’s work experience.


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Lauren Dempsey is a student and writer who blogs for CornerStone Dynamics. Lauren’s ‘What the heck’ blogs explore the editorial calendar from a new-comer’s perspective.

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