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At Cornerstone Dynamics, we understand the intricate dance of project management – the art of balancing timelines, resources, and budgets to bring your vision to life. We are your gateway to a world of expertise, tools, and insights to ensure your projects soar to new heights.

Ready to embark on a journey of unparalleled project management expertise? Dive into our project management options and discover the path to project success:

Project Management Services

Your trusted partner for project excellence

  • Entrust your projects to us, your PMP experts and experience the difference in professional project management
  • We take pride in our ability to lead your team to deliver projects in scope, on time, and within budget
  • With meticulous planning, effective resource allocation, and vigilant oversight, we ensure that your projects stay on track
  • Only need partial assistance? We can help create your key project documents or we can help your project managers by coaching them through the process. Let us augment your team’s capabilities and propel your project towards success
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Project Management Online Courses

SLAY Project Management

  • The exclusive online program that delves into the practical aspects of project management
  • Takes you through each step of the project lifecycle
  • Equipping you with the essential templates and insider tips for guaranteed success
  • SLAY PM is your ultimate go-to resource for all your project management needs
  • Final exam to test your knowledge and upon passing will earn a Project Management Specialist micro-credential

Learn more or sign up here:

Visit SLAY Project management website

SLAY Project Management PRO

  • The online curriculum from SLAY Project Management, complemented by weekly live group coaching and a one of a kind AI Project Tool
  • Join forces with a dynamic community of fellow project professionals, collaborating and supporting each other to master the art of project control
  • This program provides you with a step-by-step roadmap and the unwavering support you need to achieve unparalleled project success
  • Final exam to test your knowledge and upon passing will earn a Project Management Specialist micro-credential

Learn more or sign up here:

visit SLAY Project management PRO website

PMO Program

Your turnkey solution for PMO excellence

  • SLAY PMO Program is a turnkey, cost-effective solution in a single location, meeting all your PMO needs
  • It’s practical and efficient, focusing on essential elements to achieve results without distractions
  • Compatible with various project methodologies (agile, waterfall, hybrid)
  • Works seamlessly with your existing project software tools
  • Easy integration into your workflow by setting clear expectations for all, from employees to executives
  • Aids in sustaining and onboarding project practices, ensuring accessibility to all
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SLAY Project Management – Reviews

client five star ratings

Purchased the SLAY PM course recently, and I have to say of all the PM courses I’ve taken so far, this is the best! Concrete, practical, easy to put in place. I’m really enjoying it and I’ll be introducing the templates to my co-workers very soon. Thanks Adriana!

Steffie Beard

client five star ratings

The training was great! It gave very detailed overview from a practical perspective with great examples. Adriana made it interesting with the ability in keeping attention especially for a non-live training, this was great! Wish all my trainings was like this!

Peter Whoriskey

client five star ratings

Thanks for such a wonderfully organized and comprehensive course. I’m a PMP but have been out of the workforce for some time and this is serving as an excellent refresher!

Sherrin Nasr

client five star ratings

I took the Slay Project Management course and found it easy to follow and very helpful. It’s very hands on and practical! A great course for new PMs or a refresher for PMs everywhere.

Connie Wade

Free Project Management Tools

Everything YOU need to learn and to stand out professionally!

Fab 5 Fundamentals

Free Online Training

Are you striving for successful projects, but get overwhelmed figuring out what elements of project management to focus on for the best results? In the Fab Five Fundamentals of Project Management, you’ll learn the five things you need to do on EVERY project to bring it to success.

Why Projects Fail?

Download Your Free Guide

If you’re new to projects or need a refresher, here’s a guide of all the things I learned in what not to do on my journey to becoming a project slayer. Project success is about knowing how to navigate and stay clear of roadblocks, issues and problems. Understand the top 10 reasons why projects fail and what to do to avoid them.

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