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What We Do

CornerStone Dynamics combines efficiency and project management certification with professional experience to understand your company, examine your way of doing business, and partner with you to make positive organizational change.

Project Management Services

Helping you achieve project goals through a practical, streamlined system.

Process Improvements Services

Assisting companies in enhancing their internal processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Solution Workshops Services

Facilitating solution workshops to help companies brainstorm, identify, and address issues and innovative ideas.

Professional Training Programs

Enhancing companies performance through tailored training programs.

Keynote Speaker Engagements

Hire the inspiring and dynamic Adriana Girdler to speak at your next corporate event.

PM Corporate Program

SLAY Online Course + Support Hub Site

The program is a turnkey solution that encompasses all the key components needed for organizations to stop struggling and fix their employees project related issues due to lack of standardization and start getting consistent results from employees in a faster, more efficient way.

SLAY Project Management PRO

Online Course + Coaching + AI Project Tool

SLAY Project Management PRO features an online curriculum, weekly live group calls with Adriana, and the exclusive mastermind support of other project professionals working side-by-side to help you take control of your projects. This program will provide you with all of the steps and support you need to create a highly successful project.

SLAY Project Management

Online Course

The only on-line course that teaches you the PRACTICAL side of project management. This course will guide you step-by-step through HOW to successfully run a project and provide you with all the templates and tips you need to be successful.

Free Project Management Tools

Everything YOU need to learn and to stand out professionally!

Fab 5 Fundamentals

Free Online Training

Are you striving for successful projects, but get overwhelmed figuring out what elements of project management to focus on for the best results? In the Fab Five Fundamentals of Project Management, you’ll learn the five things you need to do on EVERY project to bring it to success.

Why Projects Fail?

Download Your Free Guide

If you’re new to projects or need a refresher, here’s a guide that includes all the things I learned about what not to do on my journey to becoming a project slayer. Project success is about knowing how to navigate and stay clear of roadblocks, issues and problems. Understand the top 10 reasons why projects fail and what to do to avoid them.


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Client Reviews of Adriana Girdler and the CornerStone Dynamics Team

client five star ratings

Adriana is a fabulous Trainer, she comes with a different style which is unique to herself – i.e. she is more a personal coach than a typical trainer. I attended a couple of her sessions and those were useful to the group, her unique style is quite mesmerizing and you cannot loose attention & I remained glued to her session…as a trainer this is a unique skill and as a attendee you gain a lot. She comes with immense knowledge, diverse perspective and experience, that makes her a special coach.

Rizwan Ali, Director, Experience Lead
Center of Innovation, Microsoft

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