How to Treat the Classic, and Increasingly Common, Case of Unproductivitis

Rebecca Mayville

Diagnosis? Heavy Doses of Vitamin P. As a Doctor of Efficiency (DoE)*, my primary job is to help people who are suffering from the most …

Diagnosis? Heavy Doses of Vitamin P.

UnproductiveAs a Doctor of Efficiency (DoE)*, my primary job is to help people who are suffering from the most contemporary and all-consuming of ailments: the dreaded case of unproductivitis**. Symptoms range from a lack of focus to the inability to ‘get things done’, from subpar motivation to high anxiety, and ultimately to poor results both at home and at work. Luckily, there’s a cure and it can be found here, at the CornerStone Dynamics Clinic for the Unproductive and Inefficient Work Day**.

The cure is liberal doses of Vitamin P***.  This highly effective treatment has the potency to transform your life – both at work and at home. Defeatist thoughts will be banished from your brain. Your partner and loved ones will actually want to ask you how work is without having to dread your response. You will stop asking the question – Is it Friday yet? – because you’ll be so focused on getting things done that time will fly by. And most of all, you will spend more time checking things off your to-do list rather than spending that time watch as that to-do list grows ever longer.

For maximum results, we suggest taking Vitamin P in a combination of any of the below doses:

Plan: The most successful people in the world have already planned their successful day – yesterday.  Before powering down on the current day, plan out your schedule for the next. A useful tip is to plan for 60% of your day, and leave 40% open for the surprises that are always lying in wait for us around every cubicle bend.

Permit: Danielle Nelson from stresses the importance of giving yourself permission.  Allow yourself to control your day and the activities you focus on will lead to confidence.  And what does confidence lead to?  Successful and productive work of course.

Picture: Can you see yourself having a great day?  Do you wake up each morning, look in the mirror and tell yourself that today is going to be a success?  With vitamin P you do. Start your morning by imagining the details that will help to shape the day ahead of you – then get busy using each of those actions as a brushstroke to paint the picture of a successful day.

Protect: What are those items that need to be completed today? What are the times of day when you are at your peak performance levels? Once you have identified these two things, schedule the tasks that absolutely need to be accomplished during those times and protect the time that is devoted to accomplishing those tasks. Ever heard of how fierce a mama bear can be when protecting her young? That is exactly how you need to be with your precious work time. 

Praise: Did you ever think – what did I do to deserve a day like today? With Vitamin P you are going to be saying this phrase a whole lot more but with whole new meaning. The best diet advice I ever heard anyone say is that it is not about what foods you give up but what foods you eat more of. Think of praise like the fruits and vegetables of your productivity diet and you will know that with each bite you are filling yourself up with good stuff ensuring that you don’t have room or time for the bad. Keep a time log where you chart your activities and time spent on each task throughout the day and then review it each evening. First congratulate yourself on those items you got accomplished and then take those items you didn’t get to and start to Plan your next day. Today is over and you got a lot done – now on to the next super productive day!

At CornerStone Dynamics we are extremely pro-P. We believe in starting, continuing and ending our days with significant doses of Vitamin P and can often be found sprouting its’ benefits and showing off the results on our own work days. We have seen the results that adherence to this regimen can create and we have seen the effects of sustaining this lifestyle. So if you have been suffering from a terrible case of unproductivitis – try loading up on the P. And if you are currently unaffected, but are starting to feel the itch, start now with your first dose of Vitamin P – Pro-Active!

* I am not actually a DoE – in fact, this moniker does not even exist outside of this article. But we are business efficiency experts!

**Unproductivitis is not an actual disease requiring a fictional Doctor of Efficiency. Many people do suffer needlessly from unproductive and inefficient days and CSD can help!

***CornerStone Dynamics does not actually operate a Clinic for the Unproductive and Inefficient Work Day. But we are always available to help with your business efficiency needs.

**** Vitamin P is not an actual vitamin but rather an invention of the author’s imagination. Although Vitamin P is not an actual vitamin, the ideas expressed in this post will effect positive change on your day, in whichever dose or form you take them.

Are you suffering from unproductivitis?  Do you need the help of Vitamin P?  Share your story!Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share/tweet/like our blog just underneath this paragraph And don’t forget, we’re always here to help with your business efficiency needs.

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Rebecca Mayville was an associate at CornerStone Dynamics Inc.

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