What Does Leadership Really Mean?

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Helping smart people and organizations move forward smarter, faster, happier Thanks to Irene Becker from Just Coach It for contributing this post to CSD.  “Leadership is a …

Helping smart people and organizations move forward smarter, faster, happier

Thanks to Irene Becker from Just Coach It for contributing this post to CSD. 

“Leadership is a big word with such a broad, deep, and pervasive meaning. You know it when you see it. You know when it is missing. Good leaders distill complexity into the things that matter most. That’s what Irene has done in this blog. Anyone who is working on improving their leadership ought to keep these tenets close by.”
John Richard Bell, Former CEO of Jacobs Suchard, Kraft, Nabob


Leadership means seeing the challenges we face with new eyes; eyes that ignite passion, purpose and potential at the speed of change, in the face of multiple challenges and incredible opportunities. Leadership means building the solution focused collaboration, communication, ideation that will build a new bridge, a stronger bridge between what is and what can be; a bridge that will help guide us from the Age of Information to the Age of Innovation.

Leadership means building communities of thought and action. It means developing learning and living organizations with new ways of seeing, thinking and communicating that drive enhanced ideation and action-ability (IQ) improved communication, collaboration, leadership, emotional resiliency (EQ) and a strong alignment with the universal values that are the critical underpinning of sustainability and success (SQ). (The 3Q Edge™)

Leadership means satisficing, will no longer work.  Satisficing, a word coined by Nobel Lauriate Herbert Simon, means doing what is adequate. Doing what is adequate is no longer enough. Satisficing will not help us to find new ways, better ways to become more positive and solution focused; ways of thinking, communicating and doing that can help us actualize our potential to transform challenges into solutions, difficulties into opportunities.

Leadership means harnessing our power to build a new and better future. It starts in an alignment of head and heart, in an optimization of our true passion, purpose and potential. It starts by looking at the walls, the challenges, the hurdles we face with new eyes that take us forward faster, better and happier.  It means embracing the courage, faith, integrity and humanity, the Q strengths, that can help us use what is to create what can be in our life and the lives of others.


Irene BeckerAbout Irene Becker

Described by clients as a “transformational catalyst,” Irene has helped executives, senior managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, writers, human resource professionals, speakers, trainers, coaches, teachers optimize communication, leadership and performance in high stress, high change environments. One of the most recommended on Twitter in Canada, USA and globally, Irene is also passionate about developing social media reach and resonance.

Her work is a repertoire of customized leadership, communication and career consulting, coaching and training with a unique 3Q™ and R-E-A-C-H focus and methodology that helps clients optimize, humanize and monetize results.

Rainmaker, trailblazer and road warrior, Irene’s journey has taken her from dreams of becoming an academic, to being the first woman CEO of a steel company in Canada, working in Canada, USA and Europe, pioneering consulting on and mentorship programs in Canada and achieving trailblazing results in the community at large.

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