Psst…Come Closer! The Secret To Effective New Customer Engagement

Rebecca Mayville

How Your Business Can Gain and Retain New Business We can’t help it – here at CornerStone Dynamics we’re terrible at keeping a secret.  Especially …

How Your Business Can Gain and Retain New Business

Customer EngagementWe can’t help it – here at CornerStone Dynamics we’re terrible at keeping a secret.  Especially when it comes to a secret that will directly benefit you – our dear readers. And what is the secret that everyone wants to know, the hot button topic around many a corporate boardroom? It’s how to effectively engage new customers.

Many of the most successful businesses of today pride themselves on putting the customer first (think Amazon). But wait – putting the customer first is not a secret, nor is it even a new idea. So why are articles, like this one from citing that one of the new rules of customer engagement is that it’s customer-driven? The reason is simple – your customers, and our customers (especially our customers!), are smarter than ever. They have more access to more information in more places than ever before. And this is where we spill the beans…come closer now…the secret for how to engage new customers is actually three secrets – your business must allow for greater access, to greater information, in the greater number of places.

Greater access: Transparency is no longer just a buzz word for politicians on the campaign trail. If a customer is going to do business with you, they have to know exactly what your business is about. Not just what you sell – your products and services – but what you stand for, what you believe in and what drives your vision. You can read about what we stand for at CSD and about the products and services we offer.


Greater information: No one wants to do business with someone who can just get the job done. Money is tight for many companies and this means that each dollar spent on a particular project must ensure maximum results. How can you do this? Become an expert and then make sure you let people know how passionate you are about your job. Here at CSD we have many qualified professionals on our team but it’s our CEO, Adriana Girdler who continues to inspire us all (employees and customers alike) with her quest for continuous improvement. In order to really feel the passion that Adriana has for her business, you absolutely must get in touch with her.

Greater places: Opening up the yellow pages to look for someone to do the job is just not the way things are done anymore. Your new customers are on various social media sites, they attend multiple conferences and events, and they might even just be on the yoga mat beside you. You’re the greatest marketing tool your company has and that is why, wherever you are, your newest customer might also be there.

You can see now why we just couldn’t keep this secret to ourselves any longer – it’s our business to help your business function better.  It’s not only what we do, but it’s what we’re passionate about, it’s what we are experts in, and it’s what you’ll find us talking about in a lot of different places.

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Rebecca Mayville was an associate at CornerStone Dynamics Inc.

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