The Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness at Work

Lauren Dempsey

Think you’re too busy to meditate? Bring it to work! We don’t often consider how easy it is to incorporate mindfulness into our daily schedules. …

Think you’re too busy to meditate? Bring it to work!

We don’t often consider how easy it is to incorporate mindfulness into our daily schedules. Whether at work, on a day off, or even in the midst of a daily commute, there are simple ways to achieve peace in the midst of a busy schedule. Considering how many benefits it brings to both personal well-being and success in the workplace, it’s a wonder how easily it can sink to the bottom of our to-do lists! So what are some ways to stay mindful when it seems as though there is simply no time?

How to Find Peace in Routine Tasks

Noticing the small happenings around you in the present moment is a key component of mindfulness. This can be accomplished during almost any task, in almost any environment. As a student I often find myself rushing from classes to work, and trying to squeeze my assignments into every gap. Recognizing common, daily tasks is the first step I take in achieving a life of mindfulness. One example of this is simply eating! When taking a lunch break, eating your food a little slower than usual helps you take a break from the haste of your day. It helps to engage all your senses by focusing on the smell, taste, texture, and colour of what you are eating. Whether you are alone or have company around, mindful eating is an easy way to incorporate some peace into your day without taking even a minute away from your other responsibilities!

Take Advantage of Travel Time

Another time I look forward to being mindful is during my commute. Whether walking into a meeting or driving to work, your commute can be used to be present in the environment around you. As you’re driving or walking, pay attention to nature. What’s the weather like? Are there any distinct smells? Do you hear birds, people, rain? Take a mental note of any colours, sounds, or smells you sense. Training yourself in this mentality during your commute will give you a break from the stresses of your to-do list, allowing you to connect with the world and with yourself.

The same can be done for almost any ordinary task. Washing your face, tidying your desk, cleaning your house, or cooking a meal can all easily become activities of mindfulness. When you become aware of the specific moments in which you can be present, mindfulness will become less of a “to-do” and more of a continual practice. You will find yourself jumping at every chance to be mindful, bringing your stress levels down and your success levels up!


Which ordinary tasks will you turn into mindful moments? Thanks for reading don’t forget to share/tweet/like our blog just underneath this paragraph. And don’t forget, we’re always here to help with your business productivity needs.

Lauren Dempsey is a student and writer who blogs for CornerStone Dynamics. Lauren’s ‘What the heck’ blogs explore the editorial calendar from a new-comer’s perspective.

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Lauren Dempsey is a student and writer who blogs for CornerStone Dynamics Inc. Lauren's blogs explore the editorial calendar from a student's perspective.

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