Key Intuition Lessons That Will Help With Your Next Business Decision

Karina Keith

3 intuitive aha! blogs Using my intuition to make a decision isn’t something that comes naturally. Actually, making decisions, period, doesn’t come naturally. I have …

3 intuitive aha! blogs

DilemmasUsing my intuition to make a decision isn’t something that comes naturally. Actually, making decisions, period, doesn’t come naturally. I have a hard enough time deciding between buying either a green vs brown pair of shoes.

Using intuition in the workplace can be even tougher, there’s a lot at stake. I found the following blogs, focusing on using intuition at work to be helpful in guiding me to trust my intuition, make a decision, and commit to it.


How To Use Your Intuition To Get Ahead

Intuition has lots to do with trust, more specifically, trusting what your gut is telling you. This Fast Company blog by Stephanie Vozza provides a list of questions to ask yourself when following your intuition. They really work for me and I hope they strike a chord for you:

  • “Do I feel good around this person or choice?”
  • “Does this person or situation give me or take my energy?”
  • “Do I feel empowered or disempowered?”
  • “Am I going toward an adventure or running from fear?”
  • “Am I listening to my lessons learned from the past?”
  • “Would I make the same choice if I had a million dollars in my pocket now?”
  • “Do I feel respected and valued?”
  • “Am I trying to control the situation or am I leaving room for expansion?”


Should Intuition Be Running Your Business? Yes… And No

Forbes contributor Cheryl Conner believes that intuition should play a significant role in business decisions. She outlines via Gary Klein, author of the The Power Of Intuition, the top 7 ways to use intuition to make smart decisions:

  1. Listen better
  2. Reflect on a decision before implementing
  3. Examine your beliefs
  4. Communicate
  5. Learn to recognize and interpret your emotions
  6. Create the right learning environment
  7. Use situational assessments and case studies


4 Major Benefits Of Using Intuition At Work

CornerStone Dynamics president, blogger, and recent Intuition author, Adriana Girdler explores the often-overlooked but valuable workplace tool: business intuition. She offers advice of looking beyond the data and trusting your gut. The benefits are paramount, but she highlight 4 that work for her:

Benefit #1: Your intuition helps identify your ‘true’ sense of mission and purpose.

Benefit #2: When you listen to your intuition you become open to new ideas that your rational mind may not be open to.

Benefit #3: Using your intuition allows you to sense when things are off with your co-workers and/or clients.

Benefit #4: Using your intuition allows you to hear the voice of caution. Understanding risk is critical to business.

Read more at Or check out this book, Intuition at Work, that will help you look beyond the data.

What key intuition lessons do you have to share? Feel free to leave a comment below or shout out to us on
Facebook or Twitter. Of course, you could always write your own blog post on the subject and share it with us… We’d love to read it!


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