How to Use Phone Apps to Increase Your Success

Lauren Dempsey

Distracted? Use these apps (plus a bonus feature!) to your advantage Let’s face it: We all get distracted. Whether it’s life’s personal responsibilities or your …

Distracted? Use these apps (plus a bonus feature!) to your advantage

Let’s face it: We all get distracted. Whether it’s life’s personal responsibilities or your own interests and hobbies, life has a way of forcing each of us to balance events, tasks, and deadlines. Technology can also be an addictive distraction. However, it can be useful for work, school, and personal life when you incorporate the following into your business world. This blog post holds some simple suggestions on how to use your phone to improve your work life. I am not affiliated with the applications listed; they are simple suggestions for those who need a place to start.

Get practical with a planning app

Using a planning app is a great way to keep all your life’s responsibilities in one place, to ensure that you never miss anything. I use Planner Pro, but you can use any planning app that gives you the ability to customize your calendar. This will allow you to keep track of all your duties at once, no matter where you are. It’s also useful to colour-code your calendar based on what type of event you’re inputting so that you can easily see what responsibilities you have to accomplish on what days. Many planning apps will also notify you about an upcoming event or task (including the Calendar or Reminders apps, which are already on smartphones), giving you the ability to rely on more than just your own memory.

Many people prefer paper planners rather than using an app on their phone. Though I’m one of those people, I was surprised at how helpful a planning app was. It’s convenient to have a means of organizing myself wherever I go. That’s way, when I receive an assignment, or pick up a shift at work, I can easily put it into my schedule without having to worry about forgetting when I get home. Turn your technology into a useful tool by downloading a planning app such as Planner Pro. Whether you’re in business or in school, it’s up to you to decide whether your technology is a distraction or a boon.

Get mindful with a meditation app 

The importance of mindfulness is discussed a lot here at the office. Admittedly, when I get busy I often forget to incorporate mindfulness into my day. However, having an app as a reminder and a means of holding myself accountable improves diligence on my busy days.

Headspace offers a variety of guided meditations, many of which can be done in under 5 minutes. Though meditation is always best when you allot a certain amount of time from your day towards it, having an app can be useful on days when you sleep in a little too late or are out and about. Headspace offers meditations that improve emotional, mental, and work-related habits. This includes meditations specifically designed for productivity, motivation, and concentration. Having a meditation-focused app will give you all the more motivation to dedicate time to yourself; especially since you’re on your phone for both business and personal reasons throughout the day.

Stay concentrated with this bonus feature! 

Everyone’s phone has this but not enough people use it: Do Not Disturb. Although it is necessary to keep your phone on you when expecting an important phone call or text, much of the time it also serves as a distraction from doing work. This is especially true at times when you may be catching up on tasks at home and don’t have coworkers or peers present to hold you accountable. I use the Do Not Disturb feature when sleeping, meditating, completing assignments, exercising, during class, and even when writing blog posts (like right now!). Turning off your notifications at times of concentration ensures that your technology is helping, not hindering, your work ethic.

Viewing technology as a tool rather than a distraction is essential if you want it to improve your work life. If you are hesitant to try these apps, I would encourage you to download them anyways and see how often you find yourself appreciating them.

In what ways does your technology hinder rather than help your work? Thanks for reading don’t forget to share/tweet/like our blog just underneath this paragraph. And don’t forget, we’re always here to help with your business productivity needs.

Lauren Dempsey is a student and writer who blogs for CornerStone Dynamics. Lauren’s ‘What the heck’ blogs explore the editorial calendar from a new-comer’s perspective.

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Lauren Dempsey is a student and writer who blogs for CornerStone Dynamics Inc. Lauren's blogs explore the editorial calendar from a student's perspective.

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