How to Stop Procrastinating – 3 Easy Tips

Adriana Girdler

Desperate to take back your day? Hi everyone, it’s Adriana Girdler from the MVP Approach here to teach you how to live life with purpose …

Desperate to take back your day?

Hi everyone, it’s Adriana Girdler from the MVP Approach here to teach you how to live life with purpose and intention. In today’s video I’m going to teach you how to stop procrastinating with 3 easy tips.

Why is looking at procrastinating something that we even need to do with this MVP approach? It is simple – when you are looking to go to an MVP approach which is really mastering  your personal and professional life and moving on to the next level, one of the big things I get a lot from my corporate clients is procrastination. Things seem so big that they just don’t know what to do. So I have three easy tips for you…so let’s get to it.

Tip #1 – Power Hours

One of the things I teach my corporate clients is that there are only so many hours in the day so if you can actually block out one hour of time and set it aside to do something that is really important that you need to get done; that make’s a huge difference. To give you a little added boost, use a timer with your Power Hour. So what is a Power Hour? It is actually something that you put on your door to stop people from coming in and interrupting you. All of those interruptions add up which is why a lot of times we are working at home versus working at work. So the first procrastination tip is to give yourself a Power Hour, block it off on your calendar or on your door. Take a timer no matter what it is…whether it is a timer on your phone, an egg timer, even if you are at home and it is on your microwave – set that time so you know that you’re dedicating something very specific for that one hour.

Tip #2 – Combine

Combining is a great way to get rid of procrastination because a lot of times when we procrastinate it is usually because something feels a little too big or perhaps it’s maybe not something that we actually love to do.  What do I mean by combining?  Take something that you love to do…let’s say it is Netflix.  I love my Netflix series but I’m sitting down watching them – so what I do is I combine it with exercise on my treadmill or my spinning bike.  So I get a two for one – I get to enjoy my Netflix and then get the added bonus of physical activity which I didn’t have the greatest motivation to do. Another option from a professional standpoint is when you are driving to work. Use that time to listen to a podcast or audiobook that talks about some self-help topic so that you yourself can become a better person.

Tip #3 – Chunk it out

Earlier on I mentioned that we can combine things if they feel a little overwhelming. Chunking it out is another way to tackle this, particularly with large projects or major goals and initiatives. You need to take a look at something that is really huge and bring it down to something that is more manageable because when it is more manageable, you are apt to do it. That is the whole point of stopping procrastination…it is to stop yourself from NOT doing things because you really need to do something in order to move forward towards your goals, desires and dreams.

How do you chunk it out? You take your major initiatives which we can call big tasks. An example of a big task could be you finding a job. Under this big task, there are then big chunks such as your resume, another the clothing that you need to wear to the interview and another, research.  Underneath each chunk, you then list out all the tasks for each chunk not forgetting to put responsibilities and due dates for each task.  You have just taking something huge like finding a job that feels really overwhelming and  you made it into something that was more manageable – stopping procrastination!   This is really transferable to large projects.  What you may want to consider for large projects is to divide up your chunks from a departmental perspective or big deliverables.  I promise you that it works 100% of the time to make sure that you do not procrastinate.

So remember, procrastination is what stops us from reaching our goals.  It is always better to do one thing than nothing. I hope these 3 tips help you to stop procrastinating and allow you to get and allow you to get to your goals and to connect with who you are and achieve the MVP approach.

Watch: How to Stop Procrastinating – 3 Easy Tips

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She also holds both PMP (project management professional) and CET (certified engineering technologist) designations. She’s a Tedx speaker, as well as a HuffPost and Thrive Global contributor. She has been interviewed on Global, CBC, CTV, CHCH, 680News Radio, Newstalk 1010, Sirius XM and published in the Globe and Mail and numerous industry magazines. WANT ADRIANA'S FREE ONLINE TRAINING? In 45 min, learn Adriana's 5 project management secrets she use on EVERY project. Sign up for the Free Webinar here: THE FAB FIVE FUNDAMENTALS OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT

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