Adriana Girdler ~ Keynote Speaker

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CornerStone Dynamics president Adriana Girdler is a force of energy! She makes any meeting, training exercise or corporate event successful with insightful and educational sessions.

Adriana brings expertise and insight to any corporate gathering, with an acknowledged passion, vitality and enthusiasm to her presentations. Her unique ability to connect with her audience and customize her presentations to any organization’s specific challenges means full value is received and information is retained.

Adriana’s presentations cover a wide range of common corporate issues such as:

Clearing the Path for Success
Business opportunities are constantly emerging, but how can you ensure they are ‘right’ for your company and not just keeping you busy? Learn the keys to successfully identifying the right path, removing any potential roadblocks, and streamlining your business to success.

Good Meetings = Great Results
Learn the classic traps of bad meetings as well as tips and tricks to keep your team motivated and productive through the use of effective and efficient meeting techniques. Remember, good meetings equal great success!

Leadership & Empowerment: The Perfect Partners
Do you know what makes your team tick? Great Leaders do. Learn the skills and secrets of top business professionals on how to get the most out of people in your organization.

Personal Productivity Matters
Individual efficiency positively impacts your organization’s objectives and goals. The more efficient you are the better able you are to flex with demands of everyday work life. Learn techniques that will direct you to become more efficient and therefore more productive.

Productivity Improvements or Bust
Corporate and individual efficiency can make or break any company. The more efficient you are, the more able you are to stay ahead of your competition and change with economic fluctuation, becoming more valuable to your customer.

Why Nothing Gets Done at Work
Looking for impactful ways to increase productivity without increasing workload. Learn refreshing and effective ideas for happier, less stressed employees; not to mention improved business efficiencies.

Adriana will customize and tailor her presentation to your theme, audience and event.

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@HazelvdWerken: @AdrianaGirdler is rocking the stage at #SparkTO so much energy

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@mattkostan: “There’s a huge need to understand flow, by understanding flow, you understand efficiency” via @AdrianaGirdler

@jeffreygoodreq: “When your team is willing to challenge you, it’s a good thing! It means they are feeling comfortable” @AdrianaGirdler  #teamDynamics #PMBAW

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"Adriana Girdler is an outstanding speaker. Her ability to captivate the audiences while delivering great information that can be applied immediately is critical to the development of more effective, efficient workplaces and positive corporate cultures that drive results. More than one of Canada’s top business process experts, Ms. Girdler is an ombudsman and champion for a living, learning and thriving workplace."

Irene Becker – Leadership-Career-Communication Expert, Just Coach It-The 3Q Edge™

"Thank you for the morning presentation.  Very well done, I was captured by not only your personal energy but the content and the context of your presentation. Thank you, you hit home more than once!"

Linda MacMillan, Hot Mill and Pickling & Cold Rolling

"Adriana’s presentation was very direct & gave wonderful insight into not only the ‘why’ but more importantly ‘how to’ move forward & fix professional and personal inefficiency!  As a result, the week after hearing Adriana’s presentation we implemented some of her tips in the office! So exciting—then of course we got off track too.  But we made a commitment that efficiency matters & we are working on sustaining our improvements! Thank you."

Marlo Bondy, Vision Wealth Consultants Inc

"I really enjoyed your presentation on ‘Why Nothing Gets Done’. It was informative and entertaining. You have one of those voices that I could listen to all day, which is a wonderful and rare quality in a presenter."

Sharon LaFleche, AstraZeneca

"Adriana shared her knowledge and experiences on ‘working smarter, not harder’ at a recent PMI seminar. Her passion for enhancing project management through improving efficiency was clear and insightful. Adriana’s business strategies and techniques are logical and can be applied in ‘the real world’, regardless of industry. Her ability to focus is extremely impressive and motivating. I would highly recommend Adriana to anyone interested in getting things done the smart way, both personally and professionally."

Kathryn Deabreu, Project Manager

"Thank you Adriana for running an ‘out of the box thinking’ workshop!"

Alan Fukuda, Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd.

"Adriana delivered on her promise and tailored her presentation to our unique needs. She honoured our unique knowledge and aligned with our skill set to move forward. She was able to bridge business experiences to education."

Reg Farnand, Halton District School Board

"Enjoyed your talk...took away valuable insights that can be put to work immediately...look forward to connecting again."

William Meloche, The Rapid Transition Agency

"Adriana was tremendous as our Key Note Speaker at WEtech Alliance Productivity Through Innovation session. Feedback from the attendees has been constant and extremely positive. Her knowledge and passionate delivery made for a dynamic event. I would highly recommend Adriana and CornerStone Dynamics for any corporate event."

Karen Behune Plunkett, WEtech Alliance

"Adriana, it was a pleasure meeting you.  Thank you for a great session. You are a great speaker and have great energy that reflects positively on all of the attendees. It was well worth chasing you for our PMI Lakeshore session!"

Syed Ashraf, Speaker Engagement PMI Lakeshore Chapter

"I really enjoyed Adriana's presentation and wanted to share that I thought she was a great speaker.  It’s nice to attend sessions lead by someone that has the experiences and interest to help those of us needing some reminders in ways to improve productivity and overall efficiency."

Janice Collins, Compass Minerals

"Adriana is so energetic, fun, positive, super knowledgeable and does walk the walk! Very enjoyable and informative day!"

Kathy Thomas, ATS Automation

"In an hour workshop with Adriana, my company and personal vision is clear, my core values have been identified and much of my time and energy has been freed up because the decision of what to do is simply based on whether it aligns with these or not. She brings so much value to the table and I would highly recommend her."

Darlene Gudrie Butts, Be an Author Today