Project Management Corporate Program

End your project struggles by ensuring consistent, efficient, and standardized outcomes every time and start getting consistent results from employees in a faster, more efficient way.

What is the SLAY Project Management Corporate Program?

It encompasses the SLAY Project Management Online Course + the SLAY Project Management Support Hub Site to stop organizations from struggling and fix their project related issues.

STOP firefighting, STOP herding cats, STOP struggling and
START the path to less chaos and less stressful days.

Why Your Organization Needs This?

You run more projects than you think!

If your organization has activities with start dates, end dates, and deliverables, regardless of size, it’s considered a project. However, organizations face challenges in achieving consistent project outcomes, with increasing pressure to complete projects faster, more efficiently, and profitably.

The “just fix it now” approach, while well-intentioned, can exacerbate problems because software is typically acquired to address issues, but it’s important to recognize that it’s a tool and not a solution. This approach consumes time and resources without addressing the root problems, ultimately creating more challenges for employees.

The importance of project management in organization can’t be overstated. When done right, it helps every part of the business run more smoothly, resulting in:

  • Enhanced client satisfaction
  • Better ROI
  • Competitive advantage
  • Adaptability to change
  • Talent development and retention

What’s Inside the PM Corporate Program?

Standardized ways of working for your employees

The program consists of 2 components that seamlessly offer an effortless, ready-to-implement solution.

  1. SLAY Project Management Online Course: SLAY Project Management is an online self-directed course that teaches practical PM principles and provides step-by-step instructions on HOW TO run a project from start to finish

    • Provides instructions and standard ways of working for employees based on proven techniques
    • Provides all the tools and templates for any project size (with detailed video instructions)
    • SLAY process works with existing software preferences
    • Ability to adjust the process based on project size and supports all project methodologies
    • Project Management Specialist micro-credential available by passing final exam
    • Lifetime access to all current & future updates
    • Single one-time payment per user, no annual renewal fee
  2. Support Hub Site: Private centralized hub for employee support, sustainment and onboarding to reinforce new ways of working AFTER completing the online course

    • Access to weekly group coaching calls to support learnings & answer questions on the course or guidance for current project scenarios
    • Access to SLAY AI Tool to help create thorough project plans to minimize issues and limit gaps
    • Onboarding for new employees & managers to ensure standardization
    • Project expectations to promote accountability and to support independent work
    • Integrates into existing PMO practices OR can be used independently
    • Single yearly license for site access and support tools

Be Honest…What’s Your Project Success Rate?

70% of all projects struggle to deliver what was promised to customers

Are your projects part of that statistic? Providing your team with the right support via the SLAY Project Management Corporate Program leads to a rapid increase in project success, as it offers everything required for success in an easily accessible manner.

The Corporate Program levels up your processes by bringing MORE standardization, MORE consistency, MORE practical learnings, and MORE expertise to your team so that they are better equipped to handle any project or initiative.

Trusted By 300+ Customers Worldwide

What Other Organizations are Saying

client five star ratings

SLAY Project Management course is an amazing 101 to provide you the confidence to deploy a Project for your Organization as well as a great refresher on concepts you may be previously equipped with! I highly recommend this as a standard for Organizations to promote the concepts of accountability which ultimately drives results!

Leanne Zijlstra
Boehringer Ingelheim

client five star ratings

Learnt so much about leadership and more so about the things I have not been doing. Adriana is awesome with her explanation and passion about the work. I am already using the learning in all my personal and business projects. It has had an impact on getting things done, and not falling behind.

Ross Paraskevas
Faraday West

client five star ratings

As someone with minimal Project Management experience, the SLAY Project Management course really sets an excellent foundation to build off of by providing adaptable templates for any project that are not only easy to use, but also hold great value to new and veteran Project Managers alike.

Bryant Ha

client five star ratings

This was a great course that was very helpful in learning how to be a good project manager. Templates for each stage of a project were provided and insight on typical challenges / ways of overcoming project roadblocks are very useful!

Stephanie Johnson
Novocol Pharma

Still Not Convinced You Need this program?

Organizational gains with this program include:

  • EFFICIENCY GAINS: Standardization leads to streamlined processes, reduced redundant steps, and optimized workflows.
  • CONSISTENCY: Standardization helps ensure consistency which leads to fewer errors and better-quality control.
  • COST SAVINGS: SLAY Project Support Hub leads to cost savings by minimizing rework and increasing efficiencies.
  • EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY: Employees understand their roles and responsibilities, reducing confusion and increasing productivity.
  • IMPROVED SCALABILITY: Standardized processes are easier to scale without a proportional increase in complexity.
  • COMPLIACE: Standardized processes reduces the risk of noncompliance.

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