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Helping Businesses Improve the Way They Work

Do you have a process or organizational flow you’d like to see improved? A strategy that needs rethinking? We help businesses implement efficient solutions for success.

Having worked with hundreds of corporations & non-profits, Fortune 500 companies, universities, pharmaceutical companies, silicone valley corporations, and mid-to large size businesses, Adriana has perfected the productivity improvement process with her experience and knowledge that helps you reach success.

If you need a proven approach that gets the job done in an efficient and systematic process, consider hiring Adriana and her team for your productivity improvement project.

Process Improvements

Improve Your Process With Process Mapping

Having efficient processes are important. It leads to fewer errors, happy customers, and less duplication. If your goal is to improve what your organization does, you should focus on improving the process.

Facilitation & Workshops

Improve productivity and increase profitability

Get your workshop goals accomplished with Adriana’s guidance, and your organization will be more productive and your employees will know exactly what needs to be done.

Vision Statements

Helping You Achieve a Clear Vision Statement

For a company to be successful, a clear strategy must be communicated. The best way to summarize a company’s business strategy in a format that can be communicated and easily understood is with vision and mission statements.

Mindfulness At Work

The Secret to Conquering Employee Burnout

Mindfulness has been proven to reduce and effectively manage stress – which is where burnout typically stems from. It also empowers employees to do their best, deal with emotions efficiently, and make sound decisions based on their thoughts, beliefs, and values.

Productivity Training

Designed to Deliver New Tools and Skills

We live and breathe a philosophy of continuous improvement, efficiency and productivity. We recognize that for your organization to be successful, you need to be continually improving and investing in your most important resource — your people.

client five star ratings

I found the CSD team knowledgeable, professional, and passionate around their work. They were very detailed and competent around the task that was assigned to them to perform. I would recommend their services!

Andrew A Dengel, Manager, Regional Distribution Centre
Shell Lubricants

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SLAY Project Management

Online Course

5 Sections and 24 step-by-step HOW TO Videos! The only 5-hour on-line course that teaches you the PRACTICAL side of project management. This course will guide you step-by-step on HOW to successfully run a project and provides you with all the templates and tips you need to be successful.

Fab 5 Fundamentals

Free Training

Are you striving for successful projects, but get overwhelmed figuring out what elements of project management to focus on for the best results? In the Fab Five Fundamentals of Project Management, you’ll learn the five things you need to do on EVERY project to bring it to success.

Why Projects Fail?

Free Download

If you're new to projects or need a refresher, here's a guide of all the things I learned during my journey. Project success is about knowing how to navigate and stay clear of roadblocks, issues and problems. Understand the top 10 reasons why projects fail and how to avoid them.

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