Meeting Stats That May Surprise You

Lauren Dempsey

Falling behind on individual work? This might be why As necessary as meetings may be, not all of them have as great an impact on …

Falling behind on individual work? This might be why

As necessary as meetings may be, not all of them have as great an impact on organizations as people like to believe. Take a few minutes to read the stats below to find out how meetings are helping and hindering your efficiency.

Statistics on modern meetings

Highfive has shared some interesting statistics on modern meetings and the way they run. Here are a few surprising ones:

  • Every year since 2000, the time spent in meetings has increased by about 10%
  • An average meetings lasts anywhere from 31 to 60 minutes
  • There are only 2-4 people involved in 73% of meetings
  • “Going by the book” (or detailed agenda) can decrease the amount of meeting time up to 80%
  • No more than 37% of meetings in the US use agendas
  • 73% of people multitask in meetings

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Statistics on unproductive meetings

The Muse conducted a survey on unproductive meetings, receiving similar results from survey respondents. Who would’ve thought meetings could be so unproductive? Here are some of the results:

  • Collectively, 15% of an organization’s time is spent in meetings
  • Unproductive meetings waste more than $37 billion per year
  • Just for a simple status update meeting, workers can spend up to 4 hours a week in preparation
  • Executives view more than 67% of meetings as failures
  • 92% of workers surveyed admitted they multitask in meetings
  • 69% check their email during meetings
  • 4% of people multitask during video calls while 57% multitask during phone calls

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How to improve meetings

In a blog post on Harvard Business Review, Leslie A. Perlow, Constance Noonan Hadley, and Eunice Eun outline the problems with modern meetings and give thorough suggestions on how to improve the productivity of meetings. Here are some of the blog’s main takeaways:

  • Executives can sometimes be caught in meetings for up to 23 hours per week on average
  • When wasteful meetings occur, workers often lose valuable time needed to complete tasks and need to stay late or take time out of their weekends to do so
  • Of 182 senior managers surveyed, 65% say meetings stop them from finishing individual work and 71% consider meetings unproductive and inefficient
  • Organizations should be aware of how workers feel about the productivity of their meetings
  • Goals and agendas should be agreed on
  • Improvement should be monitored
  • Team should be kept updated and workers should be checked in with regularly

To read in-depth about how your organization can use meetings for more productivity instead of less, visit:

These are some surprising meeting stats! Use them to work on having more productive meetings within your organization and watch your productivity and your team’s communication flourish.


For more stats that may surprise you:

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Lauren Dempsey is a student and writer who blogs for CornerStone Dynamics. Lauren’s ‘What the heck’ blogs explore the editorial calendar from a new-comer’s perspective.

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Lauren Dempsey is a student and writer who blogs for CornerStone Dynamics Inc. Lauren's blogs explore the editorial calendar from a student's perspective.

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