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As Adriana launches her inaugural Pocket Book, Opening the Doors to Empowerment, we have invited author and occasional collaborator Sarah B. Hood to interview her …

As Adriana launches her inaugural Pocket Book, Opening the Doors to Empowerment, we have invited author and occasional collaborator Sarah B. Hood to interview her about the new publication.Empowerment Book Cover

Sarah: Your first “Pocket Book” is an unusual kind of a publication: it’s a handy little volume that you could tuck into your pocket or purse, but it feels like a real book and it packs a lot of useful points and inspiration into just 33 little pages. Why did you choose the Pocket Book format?

Adriana: When I give workshops and public presentations, I’m always being asked for some kind of take-away tool that distills the essence of what I’ve just been speaking about. A Pocket Book answers this need perfectly.

Sarah: The front cover features a door that opens onto a road that curves away into the distance. Why did you pick the open door as a metaphor for the book?

Adriana: As I say in the book, I think people are amazing and gifted with many talents, and I believe we all have a divine plan. We all have doors opening in front of us all the time, but often we lack the ability to reach out and open those doors.

Sarah: You could have focused on several different themes for your first Pocket Book, like the importance of having a clear vision, or cutting down on wasted time around the office, which I know are both among the topics that are dear to your heart. Why did you start with empowerment?

Adriana: Change work is difficult. You can’t really get started on the road to meaningful change until you are ready for it – any more than you can start practicing how to drive a car until there’s gas in the tank and a key in the ignition.

This Pocket Book helps readers understand whether or not they’re ready to embark on a major transformation, and to zero in on the root causes that may be holding them back if they’re not ready. That’s the only way to eliminate the barriers and move ahead.

Sarah: What kind of root causes are we talking about?

Adriana: A big one is lack of vision. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a great believer in formulating a powerful vision statement not only for your organization but for yourself as an individual. With no clear vision, you’re like a rudderless ship. An individual without a vision has no idea which direction to move in… and as a result they’re likely to end up going around in circles!

In an organization, a lack of vision is a critical problem. Because there are generally so many pressing priorities from outside – and often some internal differences of opinion about which way to proceed – leadership in a visionless institution is up for grabs. It tends to fall under the control of the person with the loudest voice, who may not be the best leader.

Also, an inspiring vision draws energy to itself. Whether you’re talking about your clients, your collaborators or your own staff, people will give everything they’ve got to support a vision they believe in. By comparison, financial profits alone seldom inspire the same kind of dedication.

Sarah: Will we be seeing more Pocket Books in the future?

Adriana: As soon as I held this first one in my hand, I could see the potential for a whole series. I know my clients are eager to have tools to help them improve their home and work lives. These Pocket Books are a perfect solution for this need. So just watch me!

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Advanced-copy book reviews are stellar, check it out:

Chris Doyle, eCycle Solutions wrote: I would have expected nothing less from an efficiency Guru. The chapters were short and sweet yet packed with insight and direction. This is a book you can keep with you, pull out and use as a reinforcement tool, anytime you feel you are veering off your chosen path”

Susanne Cookson, Cookson James Loyalty wrote: This book gives the audience thought-provoking insights about why people stay stuck in their personal and professional lives. A review of five barriers are presented that may be blocking growth. Ways to inspire change are explored that really encourage the reader to think about why the barriers are in place and ways to overcome them on a journey to self-empowerment. A great read!

Andrew Maresca wrote: I really enjoyed reading this. It’s packed full of common-sense. What makes it useful is that the main message of the book can easily be forgotten amidst the daily grind. Keep it on hand and read it on your lunch break on those days when you feel like giving up. It will allow you to refocus. It’s easy to read and really gets the nuts and bolts upstairs working.

Dave Suchon, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. wrote: An extremely insightful book fully. On more than one occasion I recognized myself in the character types Adrianna describes and my eyes were opened to ways to open doors. Punchy and to the point a truly efficient read. Required reading for anyone who wants to start his or her journey to empowerment.

Dr. Kevin McIntyre wrote: Opening the Doors to Empowerment is a concise, easy to read book that gives the reader practical tips for identifying barriers to self-empowerment.  This book has helped me re-evaluate my personal and professional vision.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to empower themselves and achieve their full potential.

Jane wrote: The book was very good.  It was concise and hit all the major points.  It was a quick read and had some very powerful messages.  Looking forward to the next one. P.S.  Like the fact that it is small and portable!

Glenda Fernandez, Manager Quality Assurance, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. wrote: I found this book to be a quick and simple read. The book offers insight and tools that helped me recognize obstacles (see what’s in front of me).  Adriana then provides simple changes that you can implement and that will lead to empowerment. Changes that can make day to day life easier and satisfying. I have worked with Adriana for over a year and have been able to see these tools in action.  I know that they work.

Rita vanOosterhout, Director Risk & Emergency Preparedness, William Osler Health System wrote: The book is very well written and speaks to the author’s efficiency claim as the book is concise, relevant and applicable.  The manner in which the book is written makes it a handy tool to reference with useful examples to illustrate the author’s points.  I especially liked the ABC methodology with prioritizing work and will be applying it to how I tackle my “To Do” list.

Linda Irwin, Pharmaceutical Marketing Manager wrote: Opening the Doors to Empowerment is a true reflection of it’s author, Adriana Girdler. It leaves you with the confidence that you can reach your goals. You simply need to set them and address the key barriers that we all face. Once your are finished you feel ready to take on the world.

Elizabeth Rafeiro, PhD, Trial Management Group Inc. wrote: Opening the Doors to Empowerment is a valuable guide that identifies the most important barriers to realizing our own potential. It should be read by all who wish to recognize and open the doors to opportunities in our lives.

Vincent Meehan wrote: Keeping with Adriana Girdler’s theme of efficiency, this eBook is a quick and concise look into the barriers to empowerment and the strategies that will make them disappear.  A small investment is time will provide you with tools to empower yourself and your team!


Sarah HoodSarah B. Hood is a Toronto-based freelance writer. Her latest book is “We Sure Can! How jams and pickles are reviving the lure and lore of local food” (Arsenal Pulp Press).


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