Vision and Mission Statements

The power of a clear vision and mission statement.


vision creationHow having a vision and mission statement will help you?

For a company to be successful, a clear strategy must be communicated. The best way to summarize a company’s business strategy in a format that can be communicated and easily understood is with vision and mission statements.

Most employees don’t know their organization’s vision or mission statement. But these powerful tools should be used by managers to set priorities, build unity and give directions to its members.

How CornerStone Dynamics can help?

We’ve taken vision and mission statement development to the next level. We offer a 3-tiered program, from the traditional to outside the box, so you can pick what’s just right based on your needs.

Vision and mission statement development

A clear and concise vision statements is a powerful tool when it’s highly visible within the organization. A clear mission statement, likewise, can help improve employee satisfaction and productivity. We’ll help you achieve both, in the most efficient manner possible.

Visual vision statement development

The best way to communicate a company vision is with a picture of what success will be at a particular point in the future. And we literally mean with a picture. Take your vision statement to the next level and make it a work of art that your employees see, live, and breathe every day.

This innovative workshop, led by Adriana Girdler, focuses on creating a meaningful graphic vision statement that truly inspires and is used as a daily strategic tool. It’s a fun, new and exciting approach which will help you, your organization, and your employees reach new and higher levels of success. Learn more about our own visual vision statement.

Visual Vision Statement Examples. Click To Expand.

MC3 Visual Vision

Corporate theme songs

Companies often put their vision statement on a bookshelf that rarely gets any further attention. We’ve developed a fireproof way to make sure this doesn’t happen with yours. It’s time to jazz up your vision statement with a melody. With a crew of music producers, your team will record a song in the studio, based on the outcome of the visual vision statement workshop. Have a look at our own corporate music video.


With your team, we transform your vision statement into a song and create a music video that establishes your vision statement in the consciousness of your team.

Your vision statement theme song and video:

  • Offers a unique and fun team building activity.
  • Is a power and motivating sensory experience.
  • Acts as a source of inspiration and sparks creativity.
  • Can be used at company meetings, events, functions and trade shows.


Interested in working together? Contact us to learn more about our vision and mission statement creation services.


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“All teams – big and small – should employ this process (Visual Vision Workshop). It’s not only excellent in developing an amazing vision statement, but it also is an insightful look into your team and their incredible capacity to create.”

Tim Brown, Senior Product Manager, Oncology – Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.


“Thanks! This was an insightful, fun and worthwhile program (Visual Vision Workshop). We will be enriched as a team because of it.”

Ryan Ward, Medical Science Liaison, Oncology – Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.


“Adriana helped us move from vision to reality using passion, process and a people inclusive approach.”

Joe Fairchild, Security Technology Program Manager – Microsoft


“The process of developing the Visual Vision was extremely valuable. For the first time we have a very clear definition of exactly what MC3 stands for and the visual format is a great way to communicate it so that we actually use it to guide day-to-day decision making.”

Abe Klassen, President – MC3 Manufacturing