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Project management done right.


Project ManagementHow project management will help you?

Project management is the process of creating, planning, executing, and controlling the work of a team to execute projects effectively and efficiently. Project management is a core competency for organizations, and is important for any company that wants to be successful.

The value of a competent project manager is massive. Having a professional project manager will improve the performance of your businesses by delivering projects that are within scope, time and budget.


How CornerStone Dynamics can help?

Not everyone knows how to successfully start and manage a project. It’s both a science and an art. We’ve got both locked down. CornerStone Dynamics is all about collaboration with the project management team. With our assistance, your project will be clean and efficient. We are experienced, Project Management Institute certified (PMP), project management specialists. We are well versed in the processes and techniques that are proven to work.

Hire us to fully manage your project or to coach your internal project lead.

Some of our project management services include:

  • Stakeholder analysis & scope development
  • Risk analysis
  • Project plan creation
  • Execution & measurement
  • Lessons learned


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“CSD made a significant contribution to Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. as the project lead on a project aimed at improving an internal process used by most employees every month. The process had time consuming and rated unsatisfactory by users for a long time. CSD was able to motivate a project team to develop a superior future state process, implement quick wins during the project phase to show users short term benefits before the launch of the actual process. CSD showed an amazing energy and commitment during the project to keep the project team on the right track, asking the sensitive questions, challenging the team to go further, but mostly, is a great mentor for what can be done. The project team is now working on their own to automate the developed manual process which was an idea that came up by the team during the project meetings. Thanks to CSD for bringing Six Sigma to Novo Nordisk Canada – you showed us the way to be successful.”

Kurt Hungeberg, Director Strategic Business Operations – Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.


“Adriana really knows her stuff. As a new Project Manager, I found myself working a lot of evenings sorting through email and getting prepared for the next day. Adriana, through her one on one coaching, has shown me with good planning and prioritizing, most of the job can be done during core business hours. My organizational systems have been upgraded and I am now more confident that I am spending my time on the most important tasks during my work day and daily planning is now a breeze. This has resulted in a greater sense of organization, more time with my family, and less overall stress.”

Sheril Cave-O’Leary, Product Manager, Diabetes – Boehringer Ingelheim (Canada) Ltd.


“Thanks for keeping the team centered and focused to accomplish a great outcome for moving forward. Look forward to working with you again soon!”

Cari Williams, Sr. Technology Project Manager, LMC Consulting Group – Microsoft Global Security


“Adriana shared her knowledge and experiences on ‘working smarter, not harder’ at a recent PMI seminar. Her passion for enhancing project management through improving efficiency was clear and insightful. Adriana’s business strategies and techniques are logical and can be applied in ‘the real world’, regardless of industry. Her ability to focus is extremely impressive and motivating. I would highly recommend Adriana to anyone interested in getting things done the smart way, both personally and professionally.”

Kathryn Deabreu, Project Manager


“CornerStone Dynamics has transformed organizational thinking by breaking through corporate clutter, streamlining processes and improving efficiencies all the while involving key stakeholders in the process. They enable corporate commitment upfront, which ensures smooth implementation of ideas. They are responsive to organizational needs and nothing ever falls through the cracks leading to successful outcomes.”

Susanne Cookson, President – Cookson James Loyalty Inc.


“I think Adriana is a fantastic Project Manager. Her ability to walk into an organization and to quickly understand their business and the team is incredible. In order for a project to be successful you need to hold each person responsible and accountable and Adriana does this in a very professional and effective manner. Her attention to detail is incredible as is her ability to be on top of every key and critical aspect of the project. Any project is successful because of its participants and its leader and time and time again Adriana demonstrated her ability to lead and to manage a very complex and lengthy project. We were thrilled to have her as part of our team for the duration of this project.”

Heidi Flynn, Human Resources – Accucaps Industries Ltd.


“Adriana Girdler and CornerStone Dynamics were introduced to me and Boehringer Ingelheim Canada during a recent project that required outside resources to help manage a project team, a project timeline and the overall deliverables of an intricate assignment. Adriana’s attention to detail, consistent and thorough follow-up as well as reliable professionalism enabled us to deliver on a project that had considerable timeline challenges. Her ability to grasp our business needs, understand the overall project and facilitate the interaction between different stakeholders, both internal and external, was instrumental in delivering on our end goal. Adriana did this all with a high level of energy making our meetings run smoothly, making sure our individual deadlines were met, and ultimately delivering on the starting objective.”

Steven Simonot, Regional Business Manager – Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd.


“Using ‘out of the box’ methodology, CornerStone Dynamics will get the project completed while adapting the process to meet even tight timelines.”

Juan Manotas, Production Manager – Accucaps Industries Ltd.


“This is the second project that I have been involved with where we used CornerStone Dynamics. The facilitator’s professionalism and ability to keep the plan on track always continues to impress me.”

John Zanin, Manager of Operations-Strathroy – Accucaps Industries Ltd.