Personal Visioning

Discover your life’s theme by crafting your personal Visual Vision statement!

Are you trying to follow your passion but aren’t sure which path to take next? It’s time for you to develop your personal visual vision statement, or your life’s theme. By following the exercises in Adriana Girdler’s new book, The Visual Vision Doodle Book, and reading The Value of Vision, you too can create a visual representation that will enable you to ‘look’ and ‘see’ your vision, and instantly be reminded what is truly important, allowing you to start saying yes to opportunities that will get you there.

In Adriana Girdler’s The Visual Vision Doodle Book, you’ll discover meaningful yet fun doodle exercises to help you identify your life’s theme. Once you’ve completed all the exercises in the book, you will have a single visual page that represents your life’s vision. Be sure to review other readers examples below. This book will enable you to:

  • Discover your core values and how to use them in making decisions
  • Determine your passions in life and learn what motivates you
  • Focus more of your time on the things you love
  • Create a deep sense of purpose and inspiration
  • Acts as a tool in guiding your daily life decisions

The visual vision statement represents your words and feelings. The beauty is that it only needs to be meaningful to you.

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I love how this book really makes you look inside yourself – your honest self – to see what you really want out of your life’s journey. It helps you identify what’s truly important in your life so that you can dispense of the things you don’t like/want to do in the present, and helps you create a visual road map for what you really want to do in your future. The simple, reflective, and very creative exercises gently force you to acknowledge the “wants” for your life’s dream, giving them weight and value to create a vision for your future.” – Mary Chong

“I recently had the pleasure of reading “The Visual Vision Doodle Book,” written by Adriana Girdler. This book’s engaging and casual format helps readers clarify and understand their core values, and then guides them through the step-by-step process of creating a personal visual vision statement. Far from an idle exercise, the resulting vision statement is a valuable tool that can guide personal and professional decision-making. Kudos on another great book, Adriana!” – Lisa

“The process of developing the Visual Vision was extremely valuable. For the first time we have a very clear definition of exactly what MC3 stands for and the visual format is a great way to communicate it so that we actually use it to guide day-to-day decision making.” – Abe Klassen

“In an hour workshop with Adriana, my company and personal vision is clear, my core values have been identified and much of my time and energy has been freed up because the decision of what to do is simply based on whether it aligns with these or not. She brings so much value to the table and I would highly recommend her.” – Darlene Gudrie Butts

Adriana’s vision that guides her daily in achieving her life’s purpose:

Adriana Vision_24x20_cmyk_OL_FINAL_HR

To read more about how Adriana Girdler fulfills her life’s theme, read her blog How Writing A Song Made My Business Better.


Examples of visual vision statements from readers of The Visual Vision Doodle Book

Every visual vision statement will look and feel different. What’s most important is that it represents who you are, and it inspires you.

OT Life Theme HC Life Theme-revised3 MG Life Theme
AF Life Theme2  RM Life Theme

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To develop your own visual vision statement, pick up your copy of The Visual Vision Doodle Book and the complimentary book, The Value of Vision. Both are available as a special deal in our Combo Offer.