Professional Coaching

heart-based coachingFind answers that resonate with your head and your heart…

Professional coaching with Adriana goes beyond the traditional goal-direct behaviour strategies to address problems and help you realize your greatest potential. Adriana will work with you to find honest answers that resonate with your intellect, your intuition and your heart.

In one-on-one session, Adriana uses a process of guided questions and self-exploration that allows you to see the bigger picture and discover thought patterns and roadblocks that are holding you back.

Depending on your need, Adriana can assist you in analyzing and resolving your external issues. If you’re open to a more holistic approach, Adriana can take you to the next level of understanding by focusing inwardly to make permanent change.

Contact Adriana Girdler to discuss which coaching option will best suit your needs.

Coaching Options:


Adriana will work with you to give a fresh perspective on your professional questions and development. Practical organization questions involving efficiency techniques, strategy and visioning may be examined along with emotional intelligence questions involving self-awareness, internal motivation, empathy for those you lead and energetic intelligence which looks at the vibe within the work environment. If you want to see change for the better, to continuously improve, this coaching option is for you.


Adriana will work with you to do the deeper work that will get you to the next level in your personal development by honouring your authentic self.  By focusing inward and connecting with universal energy (energetic intelligence), Adriana will guide you in finding answers that resonate with your heart and honour your soul allowing you to live a more fulfilled, grounded and soulful life.

Healing Touch:

Adriana will work with you by using a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy, Healing Touch, to help identify and clear issues that may be blocking you from reaching your full potential. This technique balances your physical, mental, emotion and spiritual well-being. Healing Touch was founded in 1989 as a continuing education program and is endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association and Healing Beyond Borders membership organization. Adriana is a Healing Touch Practitioner (HTI-P) and completed her training in June 2015.


Is there a specific problem or challenge that needs addressing, maybe it’s dealing with office politics,  inter-office relationships, or leadership skills development? As your coach, Adriana will encourage you to learn from within as well as guide and focus you. She will work with you to enhance strategic thinking and intellectual honesty.


About Adriana Girdler

For more than 20 years Adriana Girdler has led leaders on the path of change through efficiency and process improvements. As an author and intuitive coach, Adriana uses her skills with clients to open new pathways to provide data and information for holistic decision making. Adriana has always been intuitive and this gift has helped her break down barriers and connect with her inner-self. She shares this gift within her professional coaching.

Adriana is capable of bridging the gaps of her client’s current dilemmas and their future goals through her intuitiveness. She now uses the best of both worlds, intellectual/data and intuitive/spiritual to help guide her clients in decisions that resonate with their core beliefs.

Every day is an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. Learn more about Adriana Girdler.


I have worked with Adriana for about 2 years and she has been instrumental in many changes I have made in my life. She has coached me intuitively and assisted me in opening up and understanding issues. She is very easy to work with, understands and can tap into my vibration and situation immediately to help unravel or shed clarity on the situation. The mediation homework helps to ensure change happens and remains constant. I would strongly recommend Adriana as an intuitive life coach as she is by far one of the best empowerment as well as business coaches in the industry. ~ Robin

Adriana made finding my souls purpose a path worth following. Every session is comfortable, safe and extremely insightful. Whether it is getting guidance on small things or major life changing events Adriana is able to intuitively guide you in the right direction. She has truly made me travel on the path that was destined for me and I feel blessed to have been given this chance. ~ Jane W.

I LOVE this idea and my “gut feeling” is that it will prove to be an especially treasured vehicle to reach your intended audience. I have little doubt that it will bring you even more success than you already enjoy and offer your readers validation and peace of mind.

When I don’t follow my intuition, utilize my emotional IQ to its fullest, or otherwise ignore either, my efforts suffer the consequences. I’ve always felt blessed to have at my disposal and recognize the voice of my inner self — my “voice of reason.” I know yours is loud and clear, as well! ~ Jane L.

Adriana is a caring and insightful healing touch coach. She clearly cares about her clients and is excited by the healing process. Adriana is purposeful about creating a comfortable environment. She thoroughly explains every step of the session, and I always left feeling better than when I came in. Working with Adriana was a thoroughly positive experience. Thank you again. ~ John F.