Process Improvements

Improve your process with process mapping.


Efficiency and Process Mgmt

How process improvements will help you?

Having efficient processes are important. It leads to fewer errors, happy customers, and less duplication. If your goal is to improve what your organization does, you should focus on improving the process. Mapping a process clearly identifies where improvements are needed and helps eliminate waste and simplifies how things get done. 

How CornerStone Dynamics can help?

We are the fresh set of eyes every organization requires to help them see what needs to be done to achieve great results. Our LEAN Six-Sigma Master Black Belt certified personnel helps your team reduce your ‘corporate waste’ by applying proven techniques which streamlines any process and improves productivity. When processes work well, employees and customers are happy.

Some of the techniques CornerStone Dynamics employs

  • Process mapping is a workflow diagram of the sequence of events involved in a process from start to finish. It is often depicted as a flowchart and usually moves from left to right. Because of the visual nature of process mapping, it makes it easier to identify where breakdowns in the process actually occur.
  • Value stream mapping encompasses a snapshot of the overall flow of a product or service from initial request showing the flow through the organization including supplier inputs and customer outputs. Once the value stream map is complete, you can easily identify roadblocks or processes that may create issues and can be identified for improvement.
  • SIPOC (pronounced sigh-pock) is an acronym that stands for suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers. It’s a tool used to identify the relevant elements of a process improvement project. It follows a process from start to finish but does not contain as much detail as process mapping. SIPOC is often used at the start of a process improvement project, as it helps clearly understand the purpose and the scope of a process.
  • Blueprints successfully map your process improvement goals. Blueprints map the process improvement journey looking at: developing scope, the time and cost to the organization, ensuring customer buy-in, incorporating process improvement techniques, establishing consequences for those not following the process, trial run implementation and change management.

If you want to fix your processes and improve productivity, we can help.

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“Adriana brought the idea of “Process Mapping” to a “Ground Truth Level”. Practical methodologies that we can implement immediately. Job Well Done!”

Mike Howard, Chief Security Officer – Microsoft


“Special thanks to CornerStone Dynamics for getting us through the last six months regarding our major process improvement project. Adriana and her team are truly gifted at what they do. We would never have been able to get things accomplished so quickly and with clarity, without you and your team. CSD brings a skill set that is unique. Their collaborative approach makes a difference as it creates the needed buy-in to ensure project success. Thank you CornerStone Dynamics.”

Steve Green, Director, Portfolio Management Marketing – Novo Nordisk Canada Inc


“CornerStone Dynamics understands what needs to change in order to allow improvement. But more so how to make this palatable so that it’s received, and it energizes people to act.”

Glenda Fernandez, Manager, Quality Assurance – Novo Nordisk Canada


“We hired Adriana and her team to assist our process gap identification work as we prepared to launch a new business management software program. After our second meeting (and some important discoveries), we expanded the scope of the CSD project to include ‘lead the process gap identification’ work and to create the detail training documents needed to ensure success. Adriana and her team where extremely knowledgeable and friendly. This created a level of trust and confidence with our staff which assisted in the process mapping and training execution/support they conducted. CornerStone Dynamics involvement in the project was of immense value to the site. Their professionalism, attention to detail and genuine concern to see us succeed was amazing. They truly were our strategic partners in the project and we would hire them again without hesitation.”

Stephen Dobie, Plant Manager, Brockville LOBP – Shell Lubricants


“I was extremely impressed with the efficiency of the CSD team. The process flow charts were definitely a “wow” factor, and to assimilate that much information in such a short time speaks volumes for your team. Overall, you achieved buy-in from the staff very quickly. Overall, I am a very satisfied client. I was extremely impressed with CSD’s professionalism and obvious passion for the project. The CSD staff are very dedicated, amiable, highly observant and extremely knowledgeable.”

Darrel Fernandopulle, Director, Financial Services – University of Toronto


“What I most appreciate about CSD is the fact that they really care about and want to see their clients succeed.”

John Klassen, V.P. Operations – MC3 Manufacturing Inc.


“I found the CSD team knowledgeable, professional, and passionate around their work. They were very detailed and competent around the task that was assigned to them to perform. I would recommend their services!”

Andrew A Dengel, Manager, Regional Distribution Centre – Shell Lubricants