Productivity Education

Teach a person to fish and you’ll feed them for a lifetime.


PowerShopsHow productivity education will help you?

One of the most important pieces of continuous improvement is training. Training and education improves business performance, profit and staff morale.


How CornerStone Dynamics can help?

CornerStone Dynamics education sessions are a series programs designed to deliver new tools, tips and skills. The training is delivered at your office, by a CornerStone Dynamics leading business expert. They address your specific organizational needs and deliver the new skills you and your team needs to succeed.

We live and breathe a philosophy of continuous improvement, efficiency and productivity. We recognize that for your organization to be successful, you need to be continually improving and investing in your most important resource — your people.


CSD Productivity Education Sessions Include:

  • Practical project management – learn practical project management (from a realistic business perspective; less theory and more reality) — how to initiate, plan, and execute a project that meets objectives and satisfies stakeholders. Participants will receive hands on training and key templates to immediately implement.
  • Meeting efficiency – learn the classic traps of bad meetings as well as tips and tricks to keep your team motivated and productive through the use of effective and efficient meeting techniques.
  • Time management – learn how to organize your day, week, and month so you and your colleagues work smarter and not harder.
  • Take back your day – learn how to take back control of your time and increase your productivity level.
  • Process mapping – learn the basics of process mapping. Process Mapping is a flow charting technique where a business process or workflow is converted into a visual, step-by-step diagram. Process mapping is one of the fastest ways to increase productivity.
  • Lean 101 leadership training – in order to make efficiency improvements work in your organization, efficiency comprehension must start at the top (the leadership team). This workshop will cover basic understanding of Lean, leadership roles in implementing lean, and includes the practical element of participants selecting a Lean project to reinforce the new learning. CornerStone Dynamics will follow up with a visit to review Lean project results.

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“Adriana is a fabulous Trainer, she comes with a different style which is unique to herself – i.e. she is more a personal coach than a typical trainer. I attended a couple of her sessions and those were useful to the group, her unique style is quite mesmerizing and you cannot loose attention & I remained glued to her session…as a trainer this is a unique skill and as a attendee you gain a lot. She comes with immense knowledge, diverse perspective and experience, that maker her a special coach.”

Rizwan Ali, Global Program Manager  – Microsoft


“This workshop was very useful for me to identify how I can actually have an impact on my life. I knew it but it made it more concrete. Thanks again.”

Danielle Tourillon, ‎Senior Brand Manager – Pendopharm


“CornerStone delivered on their promise and tailored their presentation to our unique needs. They honoured our unique knowledge and aligned with our skill set to move forward. They were able to bridge business experiences to education.”

Reg Farnand, Principal – Halton District School Board


“Dynamic, relevant, flexible, connected and a strong ability to connect the business in a way that makes sense and is logical.”

Ian A McDonald, CMA,  Director, Marketing & Sales Effectiveness/Innovation – Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd.


“CSD was able to run a workshop with the most intimate knowledge of our departmental issues – it was as if she was an employee as well.  Adriana was engaging and able to keep us focused and on task to produce quality output at the end of a very long workshop. EXCELLENT!”

Kelly Craig, Leader, Clinical Trial Operations – Boehringer Ingelheim Canada Ltd.


“We chose to call on the services of CornerStone Dynamics (CSD) to help us to revitalise an otherwise stagnant 5S program. CSD brought the energy and experience to motivate and inspire change on the production floor, and our employees have been thrilled and supportive of the advances.”

Roy Watson, General Manager – CANBERRA Co.


“Excellent program. Made me stop to realize what is most important to me in my job and personal life and prioritize accordingly.”

John McGill, Key Account Manager – Pendopharm


“The time management workshop was a very informative and valuable learning experience.”

Brian Neufeld, Estimator – MC3 Manufacturing Inc.


“Adriana is so energetic, fun, positive, super knowledgeable and does walk the walk! Very enjoyable and informative day!”

Kathy Thomas – ATS Automation