Meetings: Turning The Unproductive Into Productive


A simple yet successful idea

Welcome back to my two part blog on Meetings to Change the World.

What’s the difference between a productive meeting and an unproductive meeting? First, a productive meeting has purpose. Everyone is gathered to get something done. This means no updates or status reports. Second, productive meetings are well prepared and…Read More

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Meetings: It’s Time They Change The World


Yes, but how?

Welcome to my part one of two blogs on meetings to change the world.

Talk about an attention grabbing title for an article. I bet from just reading it you’re expecting something big. It is, something so big and revolutionary that when I tell you, you may not believe it because it will seem so…Read More

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How to “Rock” Your Next Meeting

good meetings

Great facilitators channel group productivity to achieve results

Your organization has invented an exciting new product or is launching a new service that has been developed under the utmost secrecy. The latest and greatest in its class, this ground-breaking idea is expected to take the market by storm. But you’ll only have one chance to launch…Read More

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What a Pro Meeting Facilitator Brings To Rock Her Meetings

Adriana Girdler

This video is a guide to what a professional meeting facilitator (me) packs in my bag (suitcase) of tricks to make sure my workshops run smoothly.

Transcript from the Video

Welcome, I’m Adriana Girdler and I’m from CornerStone Dynamics. I’m here to share with you today some meeting tips and tricks that are going to make your…Read More

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The Tricks To Making Every Meeting Productive

Meeting tricks for productivity

Meetings that don’t waste your workday

In 2012, surveyed more than 3,200 people about wasting time at work. Respondents named “too many meetings” as the number-one time wasting culprit, up from the third spot in 2008. Unproductive meetings are a deadly drain on our time!

When you ask people about the meetings they attend at work,…Read More

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The Ultimate Approach For Successful Meetings

3 Point Meeting Cycle

Meeting success – the who, the why, and the how

Meetings can be either the worst waste of time for participants or they can leave completely fired up and ready to tackle anything. Adriana Girdler’s book, Good Meetings = Great Results, identifies what’s needed to have a great meeting result: have the right people in…Read More

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How To Run An Efficient Meeting

Meeting tips from the pros

How experts handle their meetings

Meetings have a bad rap! Everyone seems to dread them. So I say, let’s fix ‘em. I searched the web, looking for blogs that offer real help to make sure that the next meeting you run doesn’t have your attendees groaning.

5 Rules for Efficient, Effective Meetings’s blog on reclaiming meetings…Read More

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The Amazing Benefits Of Being Present At Work

Be present at work

Anybody there?

How many times have you left a meeting, presentation or a training session and said to yourself, “that was a waste of time”. Perhaps the meeting facilitator was not prepared, or the presentation didn’t resonate with you, or maybe the training session offered little in the way of new skills for you. Consider for…Read More

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The Best & Easiest Productivity Tips at Work

Productivity tips for the best year yet

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Simple changes to your routine can make the difference between just getting by and really being productive and effective at work. Below are the best and easiest work productivity tips that truly work.

Turn off all alerts: While at work we have lots of important tasks that need our undivided attention. If we’re constantly…Read More

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