3 Tips For Greater Workplace Satisfaction

Get happy at work

Workplace satisfactionI’ve been a runner for many years, and a subscriber to Runner’s World for about 20. For the last 5 years or so every December, their cover story headline reads, “New Year, New You”. It’s actually quite funny because around October and November I start to anticipate if the title will be the same for this upcoming year. Invariably, the January edition revolves around articles that invite you to take stock of your current situation and offers strategies to reinvigorate and revitalize your diet, running, sleep, and other things that contribute to overall health, and stronger, more productive running.

While reading the January 2017 edition, I realized this “New Year, New You” thinking could be applied to the work setting as well. However, instead of better running, the focus would be on better workplace satisfaction.

Here are 3 tips you for greater workplace satisfaction. 

#1 – Revisit what is important to you – your values and your personal vision.

Take the time to revisit what’s truly important to you in your life. What are your values? What do you stand for? How do you envision your life unfolding? Do you have a personal vision statement? If you don’t have a personal vision statement, read our blog on why and how to create your personal vision statement. With your personal values and vision statement in front of you, evaluate them. Are your activities consistent? If not, refocus and establish a plan of what you’re going to do to align your work activities with your values and vision. For example, maybe an important element of your values and vision is to give back and help others in your community. This can easily translate to the work setting – find opportunities to work with and mentor colleagues and pass on some of what you have learned to them. In doing so, you are fulfilling your vision, and distinguishing yourself in the work setting.

#2 – Take control of your professional development.

A “New Year, New You” can also begin with taking control and establishing a professional development plan. Professional development means capitalizing on learning opportunities to further your professional skills, which in turn can open up new job possibilities. Start by looking at where you are now in your current position, where you want to go, and what you’ll need to get there. Many companies offer additional in-house training, or even better yet, will pay the costs for taking courses at institutions. When you establish your professional development plan, you put yourself in control. You move towards where you want to be and you set yourself up for new and exciting career opportunities.

#3 – Take responsibility for your own workplace satisfaction.

Remember you have choice. Even though the work setting may be toxic, or mind-numbing, or unexciting, you choose how you react to it. Choose to be less affected by negativity around you. I’m not suggesting you walk around with rose colored glasses on. I’m suggesting you see things for how they are, recognize you’re focused and moving forward, and find whatever positivity you can at work. Take control and responsibility for your own workplace satisfaction.

There you have it. Three tips to help you find greater workplace satisfaction: focus on your values and your personal vision statement, take control of your professional development, and choose to be happy in the workplace.

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