3 Tips For A Successful Team Rewards Program

Motivate and build your team with a successful employee recognition program

Team motivationA great way to motivate team members to perform at their very best, and to build a solid team dynamic is through the establishment of a rewards program. As a team leader looking to implement a rewards program, keep these 3 tips in mind.


Tip # 1 – Plan it

Don’t let your rewards program be a knee-jerk, reactionary thing, or a one-off. Reap the motivating benefits of a rewards program by establishing it as part of your team’s culture through a well thought out plan. Consider the organizational goals your team is responsible for and develop rewards in relation to achieving them. Plan the what and how – specifically, outline what team members will receive as rewards. For example, gift cards, bonuses, acknowledgement at a company-wide event, or a positive addition to a performance review.  As well, outline how team members will be eligible, when a milestone is met, or a new level of collaboration occurs, or a new innovative idea is generated. Regardless of how and when you implement rewards, make sure team members understand the plan.


Tip # 2 – Mix it up

The goal of a rewards program is to build a productive, high-performing team dynamic. Make sure there’s a good mix of opportunities for individuals to shine and be acknowledged, as well as opportunities for the entire team to bask in glory. This mix promotes the dynamic you’re looking for. Too much on the individual rewards side and you risk your team competing against each other. Too much on the team reward side and you run the risk of demotivating someone because their individual efforts go unacknowledged because it’s lost amongst the whole team.


Tip # 3 – Tell the world

It doesn’t matter if it’s an individual or team accomplishment that’s being rewarded, speak to the achievement. Specifically, how it impacts positively on organizational goals. Let the person, or people, involved with the reward know, let the team know, let the organization know. Broadcast it through every medium you can. Hand deliver a note of thanks with the reward to the recipients, e-mail an announcement, put it on your company intranet site, put it in a newsletter. Let the winner(s) enjoy the acknowledgement and recognition of their feat – from fellow team members, and the organization at large.


A rewards system is a great way to motivate team members and build a strong team dynamic. To realize these benefits, make sure you plan your rewards program, there’s a good mix of individual and team rewards, and you make sure everyone knows about the achievement and the associated reward.

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