3 BIG Benefits Of A Clear Vision Statement

Does your company’s vision statement provide any benefits?

Biniculars Against Blue SkyThe value of a clear vision statement to an organization’s personnel can be enormous. A clear vision statement defines the direction the organization is going, sets the stage for strategic plans, and illustrates exactly what an organization “stands for”. It can also provide other significant benefits for the people in your organization.

Benefit one – A clear vision statement acts as a unifying force, and has a positive impact on organizational effectiveness. When personnel understand and buy-in to the organization’s vision statement, it brings them together. It focuses and aligns efforts so everyone is working towards the same understood goal.

Benefit two – A solid vision statement acts as a guide for employee actions and decision making. For example, if there is a decision to be made to undertake a project, or how to take action on a task: simply stop and ask, “Is what I am doing consistent with our organization’s vision statement?” If it is, great, move forward. If not, or if there is any doubt, now is the time to pause, evaluate, and if need be, align the action or decision with the vision statement; or forgo it. The vision statement will provide the guidance employees need to make the right decisions.

Benefit three – Possibly the most significant benefit of a clear vision statement is it can be motivating and inspiring. When an individual understands and aligns with the core values and vision of the organization, they are able to readily commit to, and engage in, the organization’s efforts. Engaged and inspired personnel can go a long way in helping the organization achieve its mission and goals.

So, when you think of the value of a clear vision statement, yes, it can signal the direction for the organization’s future, provide a foundation for strategic planning efforts, and in no uncertain terms, outline what the organization stands for. However, it can also unify and enhance effectiveness, provide direction on action and decision making, and inspire and motivate as well. Looking for a great vision statement example, check out the CornerStone Dynamics vision statement.


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